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Client: Nanuk streaming Service

Focus: Concept, Strategy, Branding Design, Digital Content, Marketing Collateral

The Client

Nanuk is a content streaming service providing brainfood for curious individuals dedicated to enriching their souls with video content full of Substance, artistry and insight.

The Concept

I began my design process delving into the history of cinema. The first documentary film made depicted the lives of the indigenous Inuit people of Canada's northern Quebec region. It was aptly named 'Nanook of the North'. The word 'Nanook' comes from Inuit mythology. 

It was here that the name for the brand sprung. Nanuk pays homage to the history of film and the ancient wisdom that the word symbolises.

I wanted to create a brand logo that represented more than just the brand, that could lives beyond the confines of digital streaming. Its a movement - Nanuk is a symbol for artist. It stands for storytelling, for the need to create and the want to feed the spirit.

Using Egyptian, Greek, Inuit, Latin symbology as my fuel, I created the logo for Nanuk. It feels wholistic and resonates with the premise of what the brand stands for.


Independent | Alternative | Substance

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